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Residential Services

Hardhat Construction, Inc., a Memphis-based construction and remodeling firm, offers an eight-step process that gives us the opportunity to find out your needs and goals, develop a fixed budget, and determine a schedule for your project.
What We Do:

Any kind of home improvement project can be overwhelming if your don’t have the experience and knowledge to be acquainted with what it takes. The task in finding the perfect home builder, general contractor, home improvement expert and project manager for your building or remodeling needs can be mind boggling . Regardless if you are remodeling, building or doing a home improvement project the character and experience of the general contractor is the base of the whole outcome. Honesty, integrity and advanced craftsmanship are the characteristics that define a contractor alone with the capability to stay with the timetable of completion, accommodate deadline standards and budget adjustment prediction, these qualities are the results of a professional team.


Having good chemistry with our clients is necessary, good communication is essential in order to keep everyone on the same page and do away with any costly misunderstandings. Considering the investment you are making for your kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation, home construction, or any kind of project, a qualified licensed contractor should be able to answer all your questions, willing to listen to you and assist you with input and ideas for your project as well as explain the pros and cons of your design for your house. In another words a professional licensed contractor should eliminate any hesitation from your mind.

Hardhat Construction Inc upholds all of the necessary characteristics in order to provide quality services and final results, both in new home construction and home remodeling projects. Our design build method is a result of a well researched and well – considered estimates for all our work. If you’re looking for a home builder, or a general contractor on whom you can rely for a realistic view of what it will take to build a home improvement project, custom home, home remodeling or green building, we’re the ones. With insistence on attention to detail and craftsmanship throughout our projects and by achieving the highest quality workmanship we have built our reputation. In addition to understanding architecture, we focus on green building construction this way we contributing to the environment. We are industry leaders in understanding the design development and construction processes, and how to adapt every step of our service to meet client’s needs.

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