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Hardhat Construction, Inc., a Memphis-based construction and remodeling firm, offers an eight-step process that gives us the opportunity to find out your needs and goals, develop a fixed budget, and determine a schedule for your project.


We’ll develop a rough budget within 15-20% of final cost. 
During the design phase we will drill down to a fixed price.


We will enter a design agreement and collect a design or scheduling deposit based on your needs. During this phase we will involve our tradesmen to determine feasibility and real cost.

We will develop plans if needed and you will finalize design details and selections with our in house designer.


We will present the project scope and final price developed during the design phase. 
Here we will make necessary adjustments for budget and schedule, review the scope 
with you in detail so that we are all on the same page, and prepare for construction.

Construction Contract

Now that we have a detailed project scope and price to the penny, 
we will sign a contract, receive a deposit, and pull our permits for the job.


Once permits are issued construction will begin. You will work with your
project manager during this phase and he will keep you informed through weekly
meetings and job logs on our software. You can log in anytime from our website.


Once the home project is complete and handed back to you we will not leave you. 
We value our client relationships so we do a proactive warranty walk through after 
30 days to make sure your home is performing to Hardhat Construction Inc’s standard and exceeding yours. 

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