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Garage and Additions

Hardhat Construction, Inc., a Memphis-based construction and remodeling firm, offers an eight-step process that gives us the opportunity to find out your needs and goals, develop a fixed budget, and determine a schedule for your project.
What We Do:

Hardhat Construction designs and builds all of our additions and detached garages. Most contractors use an architect to do the plans and this can take forever, especially when they are busy with other jobs. Hardhat Construction draws and designs all plans in-house, including walking everything through the Building Dept for the Permits.

Plan Your Home Addition with Hardhat Construction

Set up a free consultation and Holli, our owner, will personally come out to your home and do a free consultation to see if we are going to be a good fit.


After you have determined that Hardhat Construction is the right company for you, we will secure an agreement to draw the plans which will include 3D renderings and video walk through of the proposed project. Seeing your project in real life color before you build answers a lot of questions.

Please contact us today so we can get your project started.

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