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Get Comfortable As We Make You A Priority While Building Your Home

Leave It All to Us

Any home building project can be challenging, especially when you don’t know what to expect with the common track record of contractors plowing through the job and then leaving.


Our simple and transparent process sets us apart and ensures you’re always in charge and in the loop every step of the way. You will find 3 things that are prominent in your experience with us: integrity, communication, and a crew that works together as a family.


Your home is precious to you and your family, and we’ll treat it like it was our own. 

Hardhat Construction is a full-service custom home builder. We help homeowners build the very best home that they can afford. Our commitment to quality starts with our people, and we make sure everyone who works for us or with us believes in doing only the best work. We are a general contractor with a team of project managers, assistant project managers and trusted sub-contractor partners.


The best way to get started is through our contact form. We'll be in touch within one business day to talk further and see about scheduling a meeting. 

Initial Meeting:

Our design process begins with meeting you and learning what you want in your new Custom Home.  This is an ideal time to show any layouts, sketches, photos or anything else that will help us understand what you want to include in your design.  As we move through the design process we will help and guide you, so we make sure to capture everything you want while designing the home how we build.  A good set of house plans is a communication tool between the builder, the customer, and the subcontractor.  The final design of the home should be exactly what you want to build so communication is of utmost importance.

Site Meeting:

The site visit helps us to further understand your needs and desires in your home. At this time, we will discuss important details such as drainage, orientation, utility sources, driveway and garage locations, site boundaries etc. Final site selection on your lot will need to be determined before final designs are complete.

Design Process:

The final set of house plans will include the following:

  • Elevations

  • Foundation Plan

  • Floor Plans

  • Electrical Plans

  • Roof Plans

  • Details as needed


Once the plans are completed and reviewed by Hardhat Construction, they will be ready for the construction of your new Custom Home.


Custom Home Projects

Custom homes built by Hardhat Construction, Inc 

The decision to custom build can be difficult and confusing.

Choices can be overwhelming not to mention costly.

At first glance, the choices that will need to be made seem endless:

  • How much will it cost?

  • How long will it take?

  • Can I afford the features that are important to me?

  • Does my lot have expansive clay?

  • Should I use re-bar or post tension cables in my foundation?

  • What type of insulation should I use?

  • Prefinished wood floor or sand/stain on site antique pine?

  • Where can I go to see different styles of appliances and fixtures?

  • Satin or eggshell paint?

  • Will my decisions in one area affect other areas of the project and/or budget?

  • What can I do to be more energy efficient?

  • When do I need to have all this picked out?


At Hardhat Construction our goal is to work with you to create the custom home

you have been imagining while at the same time making the building process

as simple and cost effective as possible.  We will answer all your questions and

create a unique detailed budget for your project based on

the style and features that are important to you.


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